Claymore Rifle, Pistol & Gun Club.

Who We Are:

The Claymore Rifle Pistol & Gun Club was founded in the 1970's; The name 'Claymore' (gaelic for big sword) was adopted and the club has as its symbol a sword which is a direct copy of the original sword that was on display at the Kelvingrove Art Galleries. The club logo is a stylised version of that. Since its inception the Club has evolved and diversified we have various categories of membership and we continue to develop and expand our activities for the benefit of our membership into the future to promote target shooting sports with responsible gun ownership and public safety as our primary objective. We are a gender neutral and equal opportunity club that welcomes people with a genuine interest in the sport.

We Are a Scottish/Home Office Approved Club affiliated to the national governing bodies of Target Shooting Sports in the UK

What We Do:

We Shoot:  Full-Bore Target Rifle; Small-Bore Target Rifle: Gallery Rifle in Pistol calibres and Rim fire: We also cater for Clay Target & Black Powder Breech Loading, there are opportunities for Black Powder Muzzle loading and we intend to start shooting Precision Air Pistol & Rifle in 2018.

Where Do We Do It ?

We Shoot all of the above at several locations throughout west and central Scotland most of which are within an hour or two from Glasgow by road.

We have regular monthly or bi-monthly shoots both outdoors and indoors throughout the year.

If You Are Interested:

Then please get in touch with us via the Contact Us Link above, we are always open to new members who have a genuine interest in any or all aspects of Target Shooting Sports so whether you are just looking to hone an existing skill or have the desire to learn a new one we can help.

Perhaps you are of a competitive nature or just looking for a relaxation hobby whichever it may be we can provide the opportunities and the expertise you require.

Please note; We are a Target Shooting Club only.

We have a lower age limit of 18 years for membership.

Rifle Shield Aggregate 2017 Multi-Discipline results:

 Full-Bore Rifle:  1st. Place T. McLaren   2nd. Place G. Jackson   3rd. Place J. McCall

 Pistol-Calibre Rifle: 1st. Place J. McCall  2nd. Place T. McLaren  3rd.Place G. Jackson

 Small-Bore Rifle:   1st. Place J.R. Johnson  2nd. Place T. McLaren 3rd. Place P. Malik





Clay Target Shield

      Winner 2017

       S. Bradley

Rifle Shield Winter & Summer



     Winner 2017

      T. McLaren