Claymore Rifle, Pistol & Gun Club.


Who We Are:

We are a Scottish/Home Office Approved Club Affiliated to National Governing Bodies of Target Shooting Sports in the UK

What We Do:

We Shoot:

Full-bore Target Rifle

Small-bore Target Rifle

Gallery Rifle,   Service Rifle 

Black Powder Breech Loading Rifle

Muzzle Loading Rifle and Pistol

We shoot 10Mtr Precision Air Pistol

We shoot Clay Target

Where Do We Do It ?

We Shoot all of the above at several locations throughout west and central Scotland most of which are within an hour or two from Glasgow by road.

We have regular monthly or bi-monthly shoots both outdoors and indoors throughout the year.

If You Are Interested: Please use the contact us link above

Members Area

Upcoming Events

This months features listed below

Indoor Range

August 18th. for.22 Rim-fire Target & P/Cal lever action

September 1st Lever action & .22 target

September 8th. 10Mtr Air Pistol

September 15th. Lever action & .22 Target

Scottish Historic Rifle Open Championships

August 26th on Castlelaw Ranges 8:30-5:00 Hosted by Vintage Arms Scotland in conjunction with Claymore R.P.& G.C. and Shandon P.& R.C.

This event is FREE TO ENTER - has 28 matches covering the following classes:- Muzzle loaders above and below .451" Vintage (pre-1890) breech loaders above and below .476" Classic Service Rifle (pre-1918) Veteran Service Rifle (1918-1945) Historic Sniper Rifle (pre-1945) Historic Miniature Rifles (pre-1945) Historic Under Lever Rifles (pre-1945 Pistol calibre only) Historic target Rifles (pre-1970 design or pre-1945 service rifles with target sights) Hunter Class (telescopic sights & bipods) Open Class ( Slings & bipods Not Permitted) FURTHER DETAILS CAN BE HAD FROM CLUB SECRETARY.

Clay Target Shoot & Barrack Range

August 26th. on 'B' range 12:00 - 4:00pm

Barrack Range 9:30 - 4:00pm

Blairadam Range

Wednesday 5th. September 10:00am start

Rifle Shield

Clay Target Shield